Sometimes A girl need someone to understand..



I am not from science background but im using such words, cause if we are going to question and think who is facing all the crisis of life ? ANSWER WOULD BE GIRLS .

Undoubtedly, Love is a beautiful feeling..we love many times in our life , we love many people in our life same is the situation with girls..They also follow that towpath in their lives but for them is when the problem arises.

Girls also follow so many relations  in their life..They have to face their family as well as relatives , actually we can say they can’t  take decision about their life..

Here arises another question

If she can’t take decision about her life , she should love? Should she live freely? 

Ek baar ek ladki thi , woh jaisa uski family chahti waise woh rhti thi , tarike se, saari baat manne wali ladki , ek din she fell in love, poor girl, usko pyaar hua..She ad those selfless feelings for a guy..That guy unfortunately doesn’t belongs to her caste..they work in the same place…He is a good guy, no doubt  to that she is a nice girl..So thre shouldn’t be any issue na?

Haa hai na problem yr..kiske liye?? ladke kai liye  NO .

problem hai ladki kai liye (ladke ko saath rhna h ladki ko bhi saath rhna hai family accept nhi kr rhi ladki ho gyi buri).

kiya kya h bhai ushne PYAR kiya hai ??

ladki ho gyi bhai buri family kai liye 

ladki ho gyi bhai buri boy friend kai liye

ladki ho gyi bhai buri society kai liye

  •      point is that why only girl is facing these problems??why not that boy, why she is the only one questionable for all the answers??..discrimination ?Isn’t it?



🚫Boycott Chinese Products❌

Hey folks..I know its been quite a long time..

But felt like writing today..All of you must have heard about the prohibition of Chinese products by now??..

There are certain reasons we are asked to not buy the products made in China..

  • The issues at Dokhlam being one of them..
  • The other we could state like letz help our own country to progress..By buying the products made in China, we are helping Chinese trade fluorish, but what about the toil of Indian craftsmen, artisans and workers??
  • A major reason is the quality concerned with the products being made in China..According to a survey conducted by Economic Times a majority of Indian people found the products made in their country more reliable than the ones bought from China…

So this is a request to all of the Indians over here to show some of their patriotism and to boycott the products made in China/ PRC (People’s Republic of China)

Stay blessed


Missing the old you..😞​

Teri khamoshi daara rhi hai 

Smjh ja na jaan jaa rhi hai 

tune khilaya h bache ki tarah

kyu ab haath chuda kai jaa rhi h

glti meri nhi ki kamaya na gya

baniya nhi hu na sikhaya nhi gya

Yr bharosa toh kr , bharosa toh dila

sb ho jayega 

Koshish kr rha hu saath toh nibhaa ab nhi ho rha sry:-( 

💛When did she grow up??💛

When did she grow up??

Is it the day when she didn’t go to play??
Or the day when got scared of the things she wanted to say..

When did she grow up??

The days when she wasnt affected
With the loose talks of society
Or the day when she searched for God
In hearts rather than diety..

When did she grow up??

The day when people saw phases of her
Rather than whole..
Or the day, when she needed to complete her
A keen understanding soul..

When did she grow up??

Is it the day, when her decisions lacked her wishes..
Or the day, when she thinks of the childhood, she still misses..

She didnt want to grow up..But she had to..And even she didnt remember when did that happen..

Stay blessed


मेरी नई कविता -आशाएँ

पंख कहाँ उड़ते है पक्षी के प्रतिभाएँ आशाओं में पलती है
और देख देख लोभन प्रतिलोभन
दुविधाओं मैं ढ़लती है।

और समझ नहीं आता उसको कि
किस ओर उड़ जाऊँ मैं ?
दिन दिन प्रतिदिन पथ पथ चलकर
किस पथ को मार्ग बनाऊँ मैं?

और सोच सही करनी मुझको कि
लक्ष्य पर ध्यान लगाऊँ मैं
और उठकर जलकर पल पल चलकर
अँधियारों में दीप जलाऊँ मैं।

ये पक्षी की प्रतिभाएँ हैं जो नभ में रह जाएेंगीं
ये आशाओं में पलती हैं पर आशाएं न कहलाएेंगीं

ये व्यक्ति वर्ग विशेष यहाँ 
यूँ धूमिल न हो जाएगा
कठंक मार्ग को पथ बना
ये आशाएँ पनपाऐगा।

और व्यक्ति को कर्म सिखा आगे ही तो जाना है
और हर लक्ष्य को लक्ष्य बना 
मंज़िल को ही तो पाना है।

Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj

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Today is the birth anniversary of the the Great King Chhatrapati Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale,who is also known as the Father of Indian Navy.
Now, Why Shivaji is known as Father of Indian Navy?

Shivaji built a strong naval presence across long coast of Konkan and Goa to protect sea trade, to protect the lands from sack of prosperity of subjects from coastal raids, plunder and destruction by Arabs, Portuguese, British, Abyssinians and pirates. Shivaji built ships in towns such as Kalyan, Bhivandi, and Goa for building fighting navy as well as trade. He also built a number of sea forts and bases for repair, storage and shelter. Shivaji fought many lengthy battles with Siddis of Janjira on coastline. The fleet grew to reportedly 160 to 700 merchant, support and fighting vessels. He started trading with foreigners on his own after possession of eight or nine ports in the Deccan. Shivaji’s admiral Kanhoji Angre is often said to be the “Father of Indian Navy”

Muslims were also a significant part of Maratha Navy.

Shivaji had several noteworthy Muslim soldiers, especially in his Navy. Ibrahim Khan and Daulat Khan (both were African descendants) were prominent in the navy; and Siddi Ibrahim was chief of artillery.Muslim soldiers were known for their superior skills in naval and artillery combat skills.

Maratha Navy was strong and defended India against many foreign forces.

Most important reason is that people can relate to the part of history when Maratha existed. Period of Mauryas and Guptas are long gone. Forget about dates even the years are not clear. When we talk about their glory we refer to history written by foreign sources. No doubt India saw its golden age at the time of Guptas and Muryas but that age is long gone. This is not the case with Maratha. We can relate to this part of the history.

Its a different thing that some people treat the glory of Maratha as glory of Marathas only and not of whole India.

The modern Indian navy is indeed an extension of the navy created by Great Marathas and hence Shivaji is referred as Father of Indian Navy.


Chal wada ehh takluuf uthate hai , chal kuch gunhaa bhul jaate hai , maaf kr chalte h bhuli bichadi baato ko , chal cchup kr ghar basaate hai , chal wada ehh takluuf uthatehai,

Dhup ko roshni dete h , chaya se sikh lete h chal shaam ko dheere se chup jaate hai , chal ghr basaate hai ?  

Basale kya 🙂